100 Patterns? New/Old finds, future project ideas and recap on past few months

I was recently back at my home, and I found either my grandmother or great-grandmother’s pattern stash (not sure, some of them have my great-grandmother’s name on them, but I feel like my grandmother was the one to give them to me). They’re mostly from the 1970s and in size 16 (which is my size in tops, but I’m a size or 2 bigger in pants… So no fab bell bottoms for me until I build up my confidence enough to grade up some sizes).

Look at those wide legged plaid culottes! If only they were a size bigger! And those gigantic collars!

Vintage McCall’s 5654 pattern (1977)

Out of the 29 patterns I found, some are a little wacky or plain for me to want to ACTUALLY construct, but it’s exciting nonetheless. I’m definitely excited to try my hand at these though:

Loose fitting dresses attached to yoked collar with BIG 70s collars. Maxi dress, etc.

McCall’s 4574 – I think these are all cute, but I think the blue dress on the right would look best on me.

Bias cut striped skirt, peasant tops: McCall's 3555

McCall’s 3555 – The striped skirt is my favorite!

Counting all my new finds, that means I have 100 patterns now. I’ve been buying patterns fairly frequently since last October and my housemate would always be like “You keep buying patterns, how many times have you actually used them? Are you ACTUALLY going to use these?” At the time, I would laugh it off and say things like “I don’t have that many, and I’m going to use them soon! At this point it’s a bit harder to deny his point though. I have 100, and I’ve only made 4 projects from them so far. (Technically, I have a 5th cut out except for one piece, and I’ve made 2 additional versions of one of those projects from a pajama pants pattern).

But, I’ve also been busy… I had moved out the house I’d been in for a year in February, and I spent most of April cooking (without a sewing machine, lol). I visited my mother for most of May, with grand intentions of the two of us christening her craft room and sewing lots of things, but I ended up spending way more time reading books, watching movies, and cooking fancy vegan desserts. What I’ve made since my last post:

  • Finished the apron for my mother (I really need to get better cameras so I can post pictures of my creations)
  • Plaid flannel pajama pants (Simplicity 9871, made from a sheet I got at a thrift store for less than $1)
  • Cotton swim trunks for a friend (they look pretty good, I still need to add pockets though)
  • A white daisy hairclip for a daughter of one of my mother’s friends. (mine was bigger and didn’t have french knots)
  • A purple dolphin plushie for one of my mom’s friends (This was probably the 5th one I’d made, most of them I’ve given away as gifts)
  • A red octopus plushie (I’d started this back around October, but I never finished it until 4 days ago)
A picture of me with 2 dolphin plushies, a blue and a purple

A picture of me and the first two dolphins I made

I started the following projects:

  • A deer plushie (free pattern from my favorite plushie maker!), that I just need to sew the ears on and add eyes
  • A grey dolphin plushie (free pattern from the same person)… This will be dolphin #6, and is for a friend
  • A pair of shorts from McCall’s 6328 (I cut these from a skirt that I’d got from a free bin. Not sure if I’ll have enough fabric for them to come out right though.)
McCalls M6328 - High waisted shorts

McCalls M6328 – Ruffled shorts

I moved again in the past 2 weeks, and I haven’t really gotten my sewing machine and fabric situated yet, so probably no new garments until at least the middle of July. I can’t wait to start projects and start USING my large pattern stash.


About Jessica C.

I'm a freegan riseout (a.k.a high school dropout) that's trying to make the world a better place. I'm currently residing in a communal house in East Tennessee with several activists where I'm learning through living about wonderful things like mutual aid and dumpstered Sweet Moments. When I'm not trying to help my friends end Mountaintop Removal, I'm probably swimming (in summer), sewing, being silly, or trying to use what tech skills I have to bring activism to the internet.

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  1. Some great vintage patterns!

    • Thanks! I don’t quite have the skills (or confidence) to attempt most of the vintage patterns quite yet, as I haven’t really started seriously sewing for myself. Once I get my sewing space set up, I’d love to start tackling some though!

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