T-shirt Refashion – My Little Pony Princess Celestia T-shirt

Princess Celestia t-shirt

Pink t-shirt with Princess Celestia that says Royal Beauty

T-shirt before

So I was in the little girl’s section of Wal-mart and saw this shirt on clearance for $4, and since it had one of my favorite characters on it, I bought it even though I could guess it would be a little small. It was a Girls XL 14/16, and while I like form-fitting t-shirts, it was a little bit too tight. But I knew I could fix it, so I did…

  • Pattern:  none
  • Fabric:  Thin cotton t-shirts
  • Notions:  Thread
  • Time to complete:  4 hours?
  • Make again:  Sure, next time I have a shirt that’s too small.
  • Total cost: $4 shirt at Wal-mart and a free shirt from my dad = $4


First thing I did was I placed the too-small shirt over one that fit me better, and measured the difference. I wasn’t super precise about it, but having a good estimate of about how much fabric I needed to add helped me later on.Next, I cut up the side seams of the t-shirt, and measured about how long the sides were. My dad had given me a hot pink t-shirt he’d found but it was a bit too large and not really my style anyway, so I cut rectangles out of it, about 5″ longer than I thought I’d need, to allow for hems and just to be on the safe side, and then I sewed the rectangles in between what used to be the sides of the shirt. Once I sewed the sides, I folded the excess over to hem it, and now I have a much more wearable shirt. I think I might’ve added a bit too much fabric in the sleeves, and the fabric is still a bit thinner than I’d like, but it was totally worth $4!


About Jessica C.

I'm a freegan riseout (a.k.a high school dropout) that's trying to make the world a better place. I'm currently residing in a communal house in East Tennessee with several activists where I'm learning through living about wonderful things like mutual aid and dumpstered Sweet Moments. When I'm not trying to help my friends end Mountaintop Removal, I'm probably swimming (in summer), sewing, being silly, or trying to use what tech skills I have to bring activism to the internet.

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