A picture of me wearing the first skirt I made for myself, a box pleated plaid skirt (in need of an iron!)

The first skirt I made for myself,a box pleated plaid skirt (in need of an iron!)


Drop Out, Make Things is a blog about all the things I make now that I have more free time (after rising out of school) to devote to creativity and learning new skills. Posts will usually include things like projects I’m working on, cool patterns I’ve found, things that inspire me, and maybe recipes and discussions about food as well. I intend for it to be a body positive space, open to plenty of deviation from external norms!

My intention in creating it was to remind myself to sew more (so I can update the blog with my creations), to have a place to display my work to inspire myself and others, and  to get more comfortable using WordPress’s interface.

I enjoy making felt plushies, hairclips, clothing, and cooking desserts and soups!

Skills that interest me:

  • Sewing – I first started sewing when I was 9 and my mother took me to a quilting class, but as I didn’t have my own machine, I didn’t really have a chance to practice on my own until 2010, when I got a pretty nice Singer with lots of different stitches… Since then I’ve only made a few projects, but I’ve been collecting fabric and patterns, and I hope to begin actually creating more things and building my skill set soon.
  • Cooking – I’ve been vegan and/or freegan since 2007 and I’m interested in making delicious vegan baked goods. One of my friends is a chef who cooks for activist groups and non-profits somewhat often, and I help out a lot (and learn a lot too!) with that.
  • Web page building – I’ve been self-educating myself on HTML since I was 9 and wanted to make my e-mails “pretty,” and although I’ve mostly just learned what I needed to make pages that looked good to me, I’m interested in building on that to a point where I could assist businesses and professional friends in webpage creation.

So, pretty much a solid novice in those categories, but I’m getting better all the time!

Personally, I’m interested in creating alternatives to negative parts of society and I have a lot of radical beliefs, which I plan on keeping separate from this blog, although I might be interested in engaging in discussion on those topics somewhere else, like Diaspora* (societaldropout@diasp0ra.ca) or Facebook.


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