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Shiny Black Skirt and DIY Fray Check

A picture of brown haired girl wearing a white collared shirt with a forest green and navy blue striped sweater over it; a gathered black skirt made from shiny fabric, and green and black striped tights


Originally, the fabric for this skirt was intended to be the lining for the Lime Green Tutu I made, but when I got to the point to sew it in, I realized that all the layers of tulle obscured the shininess of the fabric. I decided to make it into a skirt instead!

  • Pattern:  Simplicity 2067
  • Fabric:  Polyester “Satinette”
  • Notions:  3/4″ Elastic
  • Time to complete:  7 hours?
  • Make again:  Hmm, it was really just 4 rectangles, and I think it’s a bit too much fabric for the style of skirts I prefer, so probably not.
  • Total cost: I bought 3 yards of the fabric for $3, and probably about $1 for the elastic, so $4

The fabric I used frayed a consderable  amount. To cut down on that, I tried a “DIY Fray Check” which was a mixture of white glue and water in a plastic ziploc bag with a corner cut off. It made the fabric stiff, and was a bit time consuming, but it did stop the edges from fraying. As soon as possible, I sewed the side seams with french seams (since I don’t have a serger) to fully enclose raw edges. After I washed the skirt, I haven’t noticed any stiffness, so I assume my mixture came out in the wash.


I like how shiny the skirt is, and I like to wear this skirt to dress up outfits alongside t-shirts. If I made it again, I would add pockets in the side seams, but since I was originally making this as a lining, I had already sewn the sides up by the time I realized this was going to be a skirt.

Simplicity 2067

Simplicity 2067 – The pattern I used for this skirt

A brown haired girl is wearing a brown shirt with pink music notes and a shiny black knee length skirt

Shiny skirt!


Lime Green Tutu!

2012-12 Green Tutu 02So I started making this tutu back in October of 2012, with plans of finishing it in time for Halloween. I was probably about 75% done by the time Halloween rolled around, but I did complete it before the end of the year  (it’s just taken me a while to actually post it). I made it from green tulle by the yard and using Simplicity 2067 as the pattern.

  • Pattern:  Simplicity 2067
  • Fabric:  6 1/4 yards of tulle, 3/8 yard polyester “satinette” for yoke
  • Notions:  elastic
  • Time to complete: I would guess I worked about 3 hours at a time over 3 different days?
  • Make again:  Probably? I technically made another skirt from this same pattern
  • Total cost: I think I paid about $6 for the tulle, $1/yd for the yoke and ~$1 for the elastic, so I’m going to say $7.50

So tutus definitely aren’t the most practical clothing item, but I love wearing this. It’s so fun and bright, and I usually get lots of compliments/attention from people when I wear it in public.

Gathering all the tulle to fit the yoke was tedious, but I think it was worth it. I’m glad I was able to use my mother’s rotary cutting blade to cut out the pieces though! Scissors would have made it taken much longer, but I’ve never really enjoyed cutting out pattern pieces.

RAWR! (A.K.A. Dinosaur Skirt)

Back in August, I found a “dinosaur and bug” sheet while thrift shopping at Goodwill, and I immediately thought it might be an interesting contrast to make a skirt out of it. I worked on it for a few days in September, and finished it before October, but never had pictures to post.

Dinosaur Skirt

Dinosaur Skirt

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